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CSR We work on enlightnment in the company

Efforts to the lawful mind enlightenment ( Compliance )

The lawful posture
The one of the inside of " the ethics regulation " on Emden to have regarded as most important as the thought of the social responsibility performance by the company in 2006 and for it to have been established
It is explaining the posture of " always conform law and a rule about the safety in the society, the environment and the transaction " and the lawfulness to one of the articles strongly.
It ignored ethics with the customer and the customer in addition to the act of ignoring social morality in case of accounting and tax matter processing in the company and so on.
Emden excludes association and adhesion, convenience giving strongly.

The respect of the human rights
of also " always place the respect of the dignity and the human rights of the life in all ideas of the staff and the base of the action " in another article in the same regulation
what discrimination to be declaring the respect of the human rights and to be based on the gender, the age, the physical disability, the color, the race, the religion, the nationality, the occupation, the marriage of the skin and so on, too, and it specifies the consciousness level of the cosmopolitan outlook when it must not go.
Emuden is writing onto the regulation when facing a disciplinary action in the hillul hashem to this " ethics regulation ".

Posture of the corporate internal control ( Corporate governance )

The definition of the internal control
Emuden recognizes that it becomes the company which has an existence value socially by realizing the system performance of the business operation of the whole company through the achievement of each business goal which placed lawful posture in the base in the corporate internal control and the securing of the reliability of the composition of finances.

The communication announcement
Therefore, it implements the president review of the department achievements every quarter and as for the decisionmaking matters by the board of directors level, it makes placing the interval in department and section Nagaai centered on the departmental manager on the same day to the dish and moving to the communication announcement, the execution basic.

The company study and trainin
ISO14001 as being related to the environment in ISO9001 and also in November, 2003 as being related to the quality of ISO in March, 2002, it is updated since acquiring an authentication respectively.
It holds " the company workshop " regularly to do the implementation of " the set study and training " with twice per year all together for all employees which contain a staff and a part-timer and to attempt to train up the inner auditor and for the skill to improve.

Partners meeting
Also, Emden is announcing the change of the decree about the material, the manufacture, the processing, the inspection, the package which concerns product quality and so on and the change of the internal rule and so on generally, hosting " Partners meeting " regularly with the customer who has transactionally relation and so on.

The efforts to the ethics morality ( The moral )

Emden is not only as the businessman in " very sincerely " which is in one of the business creeds, too, and thinks much specifically as the member of society, too.
Therefore, because of the work environment realization which it is easy to act on in addition to creating a manual as " the manners of the member of society with good sence " and being providing it for all the employees because of the manners improvement as the member of society in 2006 and eradicating un- humane act, it is using as one of the curriculums of the staff education.

The improvement suggestion-plan

Also, the point that the Emden technology should mention specially is that the number of the registration of design and the patent acquisition exceeds 100 specifically within these 20 years.
The one of October 19th to be implementing " the improvement suggestion-plan " which adopts the improvement proposal of the employee in the company actively since 1970, too, about and to make it closed every year
It is implementing this awarding in the commemorative ceremony in the previous day with foundation anniversary.