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Company philosophy, company policy

Company phylosophy and posture (principle)

Emuden raises, it is management philosophy and "we feed a stack, an original technique, and our company always makes full use of study through the making of small part heartily and contributes to development of the electronics and improvement of the society culture" as the directionality that a company should advance to with the establishment of a business of 1963 and maintains the posture firmly as consistency until today.
In addition, "we study it sincerely and express three of the creation" as the concrete mental attitude that all employees work as company policy more at first, and Emden establishes it as the basic posture that can adapt itself to various environment surrounding the company in a recent economic environment.
Furthermore, we established "an ethic rule" newly original as mental attitude for all employees did not assume Emden a man of business in 2006, and good sense to grow up as a member of society whom there was.
This rule established the rule of the high level that an employee should follow as a model of the daily action with office regulations.

CSR management philosophy, company policy

Management philosophy
With all a heart, we always repeat study and, through the making of small part, develop an original technique (skill), and our company makes full use and contributes to development of the electronics and improvement of the society culture.

Company policy
1:It is honesty good faith
2:It is study
3:It is creation

Emuden business ethics

1.1Always offer a product having superior value and the quality that you guaranteed and service to the customer
1.2For the supplier, a subcontractor, subcontract, always adhere to mind of good partnership
1.3Always observe a law and a rule about security in the society, environment and the commercial transaction
1.4In addition, keep it in mind employees of Emden always give priority to this faithfulness over the base of the everyday action as well as duties accomplishment, and to put it
2.1Always put dignity of all life and respect for human rights in all own thoughts and base of the action
2.2Always behave to others with consideration and a feeling of respect appropriately
2.3You must not perform any discrimination based on sex, age, a physical disability, a color of the skin, a race, religion, nationality, an occupation, the marriage
2.4In addition, the employee of Emden keep it in mind to always put sense of this respect in the base of the everyday action as well as duties accomplishment