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Kanagawa Japan

CSR Contribution to society activity

Contribution to the local community

The area contribution
Emden concerns municipalism contribution actively as the company which rooted a local community as one of the social responsibilities of the company.
Also, it thinks much of the subscription from the local area in case of adopting, too, and it becomes a school with 65 % of the new graduate student which are local in case of adopting in this 10.
The thinking much of the education study and training of " his raising " of " person's adopting " of that that the employment of the high school student, too, goes in addition to the undergraduate has thinking much of the education study and training for one of the policies of the business operation on Emden specifically.
It is because the way of thinking to say penetrates and is promoting staff education strongly.
The fusing with a local community.
Also, Emden is a one with being attempting to fuse a local community from the past, and participating actively to the event in the area and nearby resident's passing.
It is considering by the noise and the vibration of the work, too, and it is awarded from Fujisawa Taxation Office as the excellent tax payment company which roots time and again in the area since 1978.