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CSR Important point item,the promotion system

Management of the classified information ( Security )

The information management
Emden worked out an information security basic policy and specified the way of thinking such as the management of the system and the assets of the safety ensuring about the classified information which is basic.
Also, as the part of the countermeasure against the risk management, in 2007, it specified " the classified information management regulation " uniquely as the regulation in the company.
This regulation prescribes the handling of the information management which included the un- published company data, the sampler in addition to the material such as the drawing and the data which is provided from the customer in case of business around the day which has a big influence for the authority of the handling and the administrator of the information medium, and so on, and also the management of us around the PC and so on, too.

Efforts to the product increase in quality (Quality )

Also, as the business creed, in three of " it traces very sincerely and it creates ", it is specific from the first when all staff do work.
It shows as the mental attitude and it is Emden as the basic position which can be adaptable to a wide range of environment which surrounds a company in the economic environment in recent years.

It thinks much of the consumer satisfaction.
Emden always continues efforts to the process improvement for the product quality to improve to realize " it is a top priority in the consumer satisfaction " which is expressed by " Quality Policy " of the Inc..
Emden makes the production of the electronic mechanism-element special occupation and beyond 45, this posture appears in making the company continuous production to the manufacture of the mold, the production of the press and the forming-machine, the cutting, the construction, the inspection, the delivery basic, too, with planning design.

The reinforcement of the design review
This ranges over the efforts to the increase in quality with the cooperation company of the partner who is the place of the improvement of the uniform quality and the production effciency which excludes a defective product, the introduction of the automation equipment for the product price reduction and moreover the outsourcing in addition to the reinforcement of the design review for the product increase in quality in addition to the realization of the requirements of the customer and so on, too.
In the problem of 10001 pieces of problem occurrence, through the quick hosting of " the analysis conference " of the investigation of the cause and each part combination for the accurate measure decision, to maintain product quality, it is attempting perfect posture.

Efforts to the safety and health ( Safety and health )

Securing safety in the workplace of the person who works in us and health is one of the important responsibilities in the company.
Emden worked out a safety and health policy and specified the basic position of which secures safety in the workplace of the person who works in us and health.
It builds the workplace making which makes an effort toward the maintenance and the service of the environment for the influence to exert on the safety of the person and the local community who works in us and the health to become minimum and can be self-confident.

Promotion system

csr promotion system