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Kanagawa Japan

ISO9001, ISO14001

The contents of the Information security policy

[ Policy ]
Through wining the satisfaction of the customer by our product and the service offer of Emden Corporation.
It aims to realize " contribute to the improvement of the social culture " which is the main point of the management concept.
Realizing the exclusion of the lawfulness which is expressed by " the posture " and the injustice which accomplishes the core of the ethics regulation becomes the root of the system building thought of the safety ensuring ( hereinafter, it pretends to do ) security of this classified information.
It places an information securities on the place to get trust in the customer as the important issue of the management, it tackles as follows and it comes.

[ Emphasis implementation item ]
1. The information securities system
It establishes the promotion committee which is composed by the member from each part elect and it tackles appropriate management by the working-out and the implementation of the regulations.

2. The management of the information assets
Because of the security, the information makes handling clear according to the importance and the risk and manages appropriately.

3. The deference of the decree
It conforms a related decree, the model of the other.

4. Education and training
Because it attempts for the information securities consciousness of the executive and all employees to improve and the countermeasure against the security is thorough, it is the one of information securities について regularly.
It implements education and training.
Also, it copes with the offender strictly including the disciplinary action.

5. The patrol
To confirm whether or not it is implemented as specified in the regulations, it implements patrol at any time.

6. Continuous Improvement of the security system
It boils the change of the environment each other and it makes an effort toward the continual improvement and the improvement to the information securities.