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Kanagawa Japan

ISO9001, ISO14001

Environmental load reduction

The reduction activity of the material with adverse impact on environment.

In us, as the part of the environmental protection activity, it is during promotion in the development, the production of the product which is easy for the earth.
This place reports on the activity about the exclusion and the reduction of the material with adverse impact on environment with all kinds which is contained in the product.
The unpleasantness of the formation part which used a fiber-reinforced-plastic and a metal material is done at our product.
It processed in the various plating to the press parts,but being using a part.
We report because it promoted the exclusion, the reduction of the harmful material with adverse impact on environment which is contained in these parts this time and the development of the product of " the safe declaration " which it is possible to use surely which it is possible to take out was complete.

1: The material with adverse impact on environment
The material which exceeds 1600 kinds as the material with adverse impact on environment at present was specified, but how much was what material contained in the fiber-reinforced-plastic and the metal material or the plating processing to use in us or it completed grasping and extraction and measured reduction.

2: The report of the reduction completion
of " green product " which is environmentally friendlier through the exclusion of prohibited material, the reduction activity to use limitation material on this inside.
It is an offer to the customer.
The made system is ready in 2004 at the end of the year and results in the present.
We request to let's take an Emden product surely in the use with the future, too.