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Kanagawa Japan

ISO9001, ISO14001

The contents of the environment policy

[ Idea ]
The Emden wireless industry Inc. head office factory takes efforts to the environmental protection as the important issue of the management based on the management concept which contributes to the improvement of the social culture through the small part making and participates in the activity.

[ Policy ]
It considers the influence which the business gives the environment in case of development, manufacture of a various electric mechanism-element for the electronic device, selling it, and it prevents pollution and it sets a purpose and a goal in the technically and economically possible range and through the reconsideration, it makes an effort toward Continuous Improvement of EMS.

1: It conforms the regulation, the regulation which is related with the environment to conform regulation and the requirement of the other which agreed and it tackles an environmental protection.

2: To prevent from the environment which develops the product which was considered to the environment and the accident which has an influence on the person, the management of the material with adverse impact on environment is thorough by it.

3: It promotes the purchase of the product and the service which was considered to the environment which makes an effort toward the sustainable society making and in case of abandonment, it attempts proper processing of the recycling reuse and so on.
It makes an effort toward the effective use of the source.

4: It attempts to introduce the energy saving facilities which make an effort toward the prevention of the global warming and for the production effciency to improve and it promotes energy saving.

5: It tries to continue the original business to increase an useful environmental-impact and to improve it.

6: It increases the environment consciousness of all employees which develop environmental education, a self-development activity and all persons who work in us, one piece of alone turns eyes to the society widely and for itself to be able to perform an environmental protection activity, he supports self-development.

7: It attempts to be well-known and thoroughgoing through the various conference, the sign in the workplace and so on and it elucidates this environment policy which makes public information to the outside interested parties, too.