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ISO9001, ISO14001

The contents of the safety and health policy

[ Policy ]
of the minimum in the influence which the safety and health activity exerts on the safety of the person and the local community who works in us, being the basis of the business management and the health
It manages the safety and health of the business activity to become and it aims at the workplace which can be self-confident.

1. It conforms a safety and health relation decree and the company standard and it makes an effort toward the more safety and health protection.

2. It implements and it evolves the risk assessment to specify the definition of the dangerous harmful factor in the workplace and the priority of the measure from " zero disaster " to the safe and comfortable workplace of " zero piece of danger ".

3. It attempts a communication under the cooperation of the person concerned in addition to all the employees who works in the premises and it implements the safety and health activity of the full participation.

4. It makes an effort toward the uplift by the safety and health consciousness through the education of the employee and the safety and health activity.

5. In case of executing a safety and health activity, it invests an appropriate management resource and it implements effective improvement continuously.

March 1st, 2012
Emden Corporation.
CEO Yasunori Yanagida