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CSR Environmental activity

environment activity

Emuden is putting an emphasis on the efforts to the global warming effect gas emission reduction which becomes the cause of the global warming as the basic idea in the " contamination control " " resource saving " " energy saving " as the efforts to the environmental protection actively from the early days and is promoting the efficient use of the electric power and used water in addition to the development of the energy saving technology in the company.
It one step moves forward, it promotes " the eco Look month " which spread out in the summer period from 2003 to 2009 and came to write down the use of the air-conditioning in the dress which adapted to the environment through the four seasons in today, it specifies air-conditioned preset temperature in 28 degree C, it specifies heating preset temperature in 20 degree C and it is cooperating to global warming prevention National Movement which the Ministry of Environment promotes.
Also, it is attempting to introduce an energy-saving type illuminator step-by-step in addition to the going-out of the noon recess and the recess, too, deliberately and it is making an effort toward green purchase by the article which the reuse can recycle, too.

The measure to the toxic substance extermination ( Anti-Volution )

The measure to the toxic substance extermination ( Anti-volutionn )
of the management system of Emden's achieving RoHS free-ization at all factories in addition to the product before doing back 1 year of going to the enforcement of the RoHS order in case of managing chemicals about the chemicals
It is building and we have high evaluation from the customer.

The measure to the resource recovery ( The recycling )

It makes collect being discreet in all to reuse a waste-plastic, waste oil, wastepaper, a cardboard box in addition to the material such as the metal material and the resin material which gets to do the unnecessary which is caused by the process of the production and so on, too, and the recycling of resources and the posture of the reuse are thorough by it.
Specifically, the spool runner which occurs with the forming-step is attempting the reuse to use as the re- green wood, too, using the return equipment.

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