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Kanagawa Japan

Message from CEO

Based on our company policy since the establishment of our business of 1963; produced "study" "creation" from a design for corporate culture "sincerely", and had customer  favor quality environmental management, the consistent system until sales as a characteristic, and developed.
We are challenging the reclamation of a new field and the overseas market now.

In the environmental surroundings of Japan, low birthrate and aging, a population decline advance; a labor shortage, the issue of such as the issue of successors such as medium and small-sized businesses work force market reduction is concerned about in the future.

We think that there will be severe situation by all means in what time of times, but think that we grow up through it if we arrest the situation and put up analysis, a strategy and give life to a person towards an aim and wrestle with becoming hope permanently.

We expand the consistency system characterizing us with inside and outside the country, and the quality first suggests the development of products of our customer as a matter of course positively and will think that you be satisfied in future.
In addition, we concentrate all power of our group and will correspond to an overseas customers while globalization of the economy progresses more and more.

Because it becomes all groups, all employees bullets and wrestles positively, I would like to ask you to have more strong patronage.

Yasunori Yanagida