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Kanagawa Japan

Technical Information

"Introduction of the insert molding wiring board technology"

We established the mass production system of "the wiring board technology by the insert molding" which was the collected studies of a molding technology and the press technology recently in us.
Big for the labor saving for survivors in the country, reduction in cost; is convinced that help it.
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"Introduction of the lead frame connection technology"

Because we establish resource saving to realize the terminal connection in the unit with no solder, a circumstantial technique-resistant in the original technique that we cultivated for many years in us and continue a mass production, we introduce.
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"Introduction of the labor saving technology about the terminal stand connection"

In the original technique that we cultivated for many years, we do the introduction of the fabric which enabled shortening of the connect time when it is terminal stand-related.
1.Stripteaseless type terminal stand technology
2.Self-up expression terminal stand technology
3.Card edge type terminal stand technology
4.Two-piece structure terminal stand technology
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