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New Products Information

Two large current screw terminals

 「Specifications of two large current screw terminals」

Two large current screw terminals
・Screw diameter M5 & M4
・Rating electric current 50A



New screw hold terminal stand (SH)

 "New screw hold terminal stand (SH) product common specifications"

*It is UL/C-UL(UL File No.E91451) safe standard /Safty standard
*Available wire thickness: 24-10AWG
*Factory wiring, spot wiring (crimp terminal-limited): All are possible
*Screw total permission torque:1.6Nm

 "Concrete structure and the characteristic this place"

  「T7511  5P」

*Rating /Rating:AC/DC300V15A
*Pace /Pitch between the terminal:8.4mm
*Model No.TBV-05


  「T7516-AA  3P」

*Rating /Rating:AC/DC300V30A
*Pace /Pitch between the terminal:10.0mm
*Model No.TBW-03-A


  「T7513-A  5P」

*Rating /Rating:AC/DC300V30A
*Pace /Pitch between the terminal:10.0mm
*Model No.TBW-07


  「T7514-A  7P」

* Rating /Rating: AC/DC300V30A
* Pace /Pitch between the terminal: 10.0mm
* Model No.TBW-05